10.12.2020 | ITALY - PUPPIES

At the end of August, Blue had a visit — Tori Wu from Italy came and in the last days of October, Blue became the father of 8 black-brown balls in Italy, kennel La Quercia dei Falchi. We have 7 boys and one girl. Since this year our lives are being shaped by Corona, we are again unable to visit the puppies, which we had planned. I am lucky that breeders send us photos. We're just melting. I know they will get great homes and we wish them all the best of luck. I hope we stay in touch.

10.12.2020 | HOVI SUMMER - HOVI LIFE

We had a real hovi-summer. Guests with dogs , with hovawarts especially are welcome with us. If I can, I take my time and show them some of our hidden corners. Matjaž, Ewa and Ren came in July. Um, maybee I forgot to order nice weather? A few times they were really soaked from the rain. Matjaž, I promise, come again ... next time I order you nice weather. We also invited our hovi friends from Ex horto Albo to visit and take a summer trip. What a joy it was. Jumping into the water, swimming… Happy dogs - happy owners… .that's right !!! In August, they came from Germany four girls, Anja, Maxi, Kiki and Lola. Kiki and Lola really charmed us, Blue was hospitable too. Although usually hovi-ladies come with a different purpose, we explained to him, that Kiki and Lola are only with us on vacation this time. We also enjoyed cuddling little Lola. Ahh these puppies, I admit, always cloud my mind a little. In September, they visited us Dani, Tanja and Raya. Blue and Raya were playful and excited, and we took advantage of a nice weekend for some nice outings together. How nice it is to see Blue’s offspring evolving into gorgeous dogs, I don’t need to specifically explain it right ???? Proud of…
3.8.2020 | About puppies from the Black Forest…

They were born on 15.4, some even on 16.4. The end is good – and all is well and 9 balls in all three colors, 4 males and 5 females peeked into the world. They all are amazing. Of course they are, they are "a little mine", as always ? And as I write this, everyone is already in new homes and families.

Abbasko- blond, now Einstein
Anton- black&tan
Arkono-black; now Nikan
They all live in Germany.

Acira- blond,
Alaska-blond,-lives in France
Alenka-black&tan ( just how could she be different- you know me????),now Alea
Amira-black.; now Fiena lives in Switzerland.

A small Blue´s clone, Anton, remained with the family. Katja and Frank hinted at the time of mating that they might have a black&tan male. I think it was meant for them. Alma-Blue took a special place with breeder Martina. Martina has her first litter with Blue's father, Roy, so I am especially happy that Blue's descendant came to her family. Now we are already delighted with the new owners with the pictures.


We have good news. Blue will be daddy again, this time in Germany. We had a nice Valentine's weekend, the weather was nice, Maya and Blue liked each other a lot. All the way- everything what we need!!! We were waiting for this ultrasound very hard, Katja, you know that? And infinitely happy we received the much-desired picture on Sunday lunch..Yes,it will be litter. Huraaa… Now we want everything to go well and have as many small bowls as possible in April.
Good luck Maya… https://www.hovawarte-vom-kandelblick.de/aktuelles

Falko opi in Alva -mama od Coline
Bina in Roy

6.1.2020 | THYROID TEST

We tested Blue's thyroid again and the resutls are excellent.


The owners of Blue's offspring sent me some wonderful news. They are very active and busy with the puppies and we are very proud of them! 

On Sunday, 6.10., the Hovawart club of Slovenia organized NZB. From out R litter, who are now 10.5 months old, 6 of the dogs live in Slovenia and they all attended it. The attendees were; Marta & Rocco, Manja & Rufus (Aron), Bojan & Roy, Brane & Rina (Rosinante), Jan & Rea ter Dani & Raya.There were many photos, so we are only showing a few here, but you can check the rest at GALLERY 

From A litter Ameya we were able to see the following couples: Daniela & Amazing Aria (Ria), Petra & Audax Arni (Aron), Cveta & Admiral Fred (Fred), Helena & Awesome Abby (Kala) and Renee & Astarte Ema (Ema). They all performed well, were relaxed, brave, curious, lively, allowed themselves to be touched and have their teeth checked… despite their owners being nervous. And that's what matters most - to have a hovi with a stable character who is well socialized and can be brought anywhere without worries. None of listed puppies has any disq fault! 

Reiwa ex Horto Albo & Nicola attended NZB in the CZ. Reiwa passed it very well, among 53 young hovis only two were graded so good as Reiwa. You can follow Reiwa's adventures here: www.akiwart.weebly.com/novinky.html


Rea ex Horto Albo passed obedience exam IPS A and BBH

Rocco and Rufus ex Horto Albo passed the 1st and 2nd level of trainings at Alfakan ; and Rocco also and 3 th level.

Reiwa HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD negativ, spondiloza negativ


2x CACIB Zagreb Winner show where Blue's daughter Ameya Amazing Aria. was presented.
Ameya Amazing Aria: Excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB
Ameya Amazing Aria: Odlično 1, JCAC, JBOB
Ria became Croatian Junior Champion

CACIB Derby Winner show in Slovenia
Rea ex Horto Albo: Excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB, Derby Winner 2019
Rea ex Horto Albo: Excellent 1, JCAC, Derby Winner 2019
Rea became Junior Champion of Slovenia

CACIB Lipica II show and nice results for
Rea ex Horto Albo: Excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB
Rufus ex Horto Albo: Excellent 1, JCAC, BOS

Blue's puppies attended the Club Show in Slovenia, organized by Slovenian hovawart club. The judge was Kirsten Wesche from Germany. We are very proud of everyone! 

Ameya Audax Arni: 1. place in puppy class and BOB puppy
Rufus ex Horto Albo: 1. place in junior class
Rea ex Horto Albo: 1. place in junior class
Raya ex Horto Albo: 2. place in junior class
Rocco ex Horto Albo: 4. place in junior class
Roy ex Horto Albo: 5. place in junior class
Rufus ex Horto Albo + Enormous Ocean Breeze: 1. place in couples


Reiwa ex Horto Albo attended the following shows:
CZ Club show: Excellent 3/8 and 2nd place in couples
CAC Olumac: Excellent 1, JCAC
CAC Dolni Benešov: Excellent 3/6
CZ Club show: very promising 1/3 and 3rd place in couples
CAC Ostrava: very promising 1

Damien Tralfazz attended the following shows:
CACIB Nitra: very promising 2
CACIB Bratislava: very promising 1
SK Club show: very promising 2

Aya My Ardeen attended the following show:
SK Club show: very promising 4 

Rea ex Horto Albo attended the CACIB Rogla II show and obtainted the following note: very promising, Puppy BOB 

Rea, Rufus, Raya ex Horto Albo and Galactica - Flyboy della Delizia d'Este attended the CAC Hrušica and obtainted the following notes:
Raya ex Horto Albo: very promising 1, Puppy BOB
Rea ex Horto Albo: very promising 2
Rufus ex Horto Albo: very promising 1
Galactica - Flyboy della Delizia d'Este: very promising 1

Ameya Alma Lu, who lives in the UK, attended the show organized by UK hovawart club and took the first place in the puppy class + Best Puppy

Rea ex Horto Albo attended the CACIB Maribor show and obtainted the note very promising Puppy BOB 

Blue and 4 of his puppies attended the Special show for hovawarts organized by Hovawart club Slovenia.
Rea ex Horto Albo: very promising 1, BOB puppy
Rocco ex Horto Albo: very promising 1
Rufus ex Horto Albo: very promising 2
Galactica - Flyboy della Delizia d'Este:promising
Blue: excellent 2, rCAC 


We are proud on having 6 more puppies in our "Blue" family. Belaya Shae Trafalazz delivered us 3 male and 3 female puppies. They are in both black and blond and most importantly they are heatlhy.

Currenlty Blue has more female descendats (26 femals and 20 males to be exact) represented in all posible colors. They live in different european countries including Italy, Slovenia, Netherlands, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Croatia. We also have Rubik living in Canada Alma Lu in Great Britain. The often ask me if I know and remember every single one. And the asnwer is that I do. I know for all litters, genders, colors, marks and every single posible detail from breeding.

Throughout all that we met a lot of beautiful people. We are glad that all of them are taking good care of their new family member are doing all the best for them. I would also like to express my respect to all the breeders and point out how big and important job they are doing. I can't tell you how happy I am when I receive your photos, videos, thoughts and messages telling me that how happy dogs make them. I also told all these beautiful stories to Blue, but he doesn't care. He just wants to go out and eat.

21.6.2019 | NOVICE...

What a day! I am more than proud of show successes of Blue's offspring - "R" ex Horto Albo and Aton-Flyboy dell’a Delizia d’Este We met them all at the show and we took Blue with us to "say hello". He was very friendly to all puppies and was happy after realizing puppies are to busy with each other and no one is bothering him. Show ended and what followed was a well deserved party in the river.

From Croatia we received a wonderful news. The last puppy - Admiral Fred - from the "A" litter Ameya found a superb home in Slovenia.

Evening ended in a great way because I have received new photos of Blue's puppies - wonderful "D" litter Tralfazz.

25.3.2019 | AFTER A LONG TIME

We are back with some news. Our life is spinning around dogs, grown ups and puppies - also future puppies.

15 new members joined our "Blue Pinus Alpinia" family in february only. In Slovakia, in the My Ardeen kennel ; http://deena-aldeon.webnode.cz/my-ardeen/ ; Luna gave birth to 7 black and tan puppies, 3 males, 4 females. In Croatia in the kennel Ameya www.ameya-hovawart.com; Leelah gave birth to 8 babies, 6 black and tan and 2 blond; 5 black and tan females, 1 black and tan male and 2 blond males.

With this february addition our Blue has 40 puppies already and we are super proud of every one of them. After all, they are a bit ours too.

In february puppies from R litter ex Horto Albo www.hovawart-exhortoalbo.com started leaving to their new homes. Before leaving to their new home in France Rubin in Rio together with their owners spent a week at our place. At their arrival we were really surprised how well prepared the owners were. Their van was full of puppy things, I could not believe my eyes what all they had with; a fence, many blankets, dog beds, toys, bowls, boxes.. We spent a week together and had a really good time, also the weather was perfect. We probably don't have to explain that Rio and Rubin made a special impression on us and since then we are thinking about something that could happen in the future ....

In march we attended a ring trainig organized by HWKS. I have to admit that Blue still knows a ring training perfectly, while me... well, lets just say his memory is better. There we met Rufus - Aron, Rocco, Rea and Raya from R litter ex Horto Albo and Aton - Flyboy from Delizia D'Este litter. Blue was very friendly and gentle, also curious who this little hovis are.

In the last few days puppies from P - legla De Kerdianou joined their new families; https://dekerdianou.chiens-de-france.com/. Black and tan female Palma stayed at home with Magali, we are very happy about her decision and also the other new owners promised to stay in touch with us.

What can I say, they are amazing, fantastic, incredible, wonderful. Do you think I'm not thinking objectively? Each litter is a special story and each is very dear to me. I'm the happiest when I can follow our puppies from the birth on. I realized and now I can see what a hard and resposible job being a breeder is. To all of us (yes, I counted myself too) is very important that our puppies get the best possible homes.

One more hint for all of you...our story continues….


On 23 January 2019, P litter - Bluebichoux was born in Kerdianou Kennel; 4 females, 1 male, all black&tan. Small but nice litter, boutique litter, says Magali. All the best Galicia.

Website of kennel De Kerdianou - click


Just before Christmas, Blue had a visit. This time females name was Leelah - black&tan girl Enormous Make a Wish. And also this time the mating was successful and at the end of February we expect the fifth litter, this time in Croatia. Good luck Leelah.

Website of kennel Ameya - click


Blue breeded black&tan beauty Luna Aldeon from Slovakia. The mating was scheduled for end of December or January, but you know how girls are... Luna's heat came early and top days were on St.Nicholas day. And so we were waiting for the day when the happy news came: litter A in the kennel My Ardeen is on the way. Good luck Luna.

Website of kennel My Ardeen - click


At the end of November, we had a visit from France. This time Blue was chosen by the bride Hiskea vom Schwedenstein - Galicia. Galicia and her family drove 1700 km in one direction. In December, we found out that the long way was not in vain. At the end of January we expect puppies in the kennel De Kerdianou. Good luck, Galicia ...

Website of kennel De Kerdianou - click

18.12.2018 | BLUE'S SECOND LITTER!

Blue's second litter was born on the last November's day. We probably do not need to specifically explain how we were on the spikes. And just a bit in shock when we found out the final number of puppies; there is 12 of them. For the whole team, 6 females and 6 males. All healthy, strong. Two black males are available for suitable families. Good luck all of them, also mumy Riva .. And I can not wait to see them..

::: Website of ex Horto Albo kennel: "R" litter ex Horto Albo

::: Litter is already listed under Blue's pups: Blue's 2nd litter


How it happened: This time Blue was chosen as stud male for a mating with the black beauty Riva (Enormous Ocean Breeze). The mating was planned for mid-October and, of course, we have completely different plans for the last weekend in September. But Riva decided to hurry up with the heat and that the best days are exactly this sunny weekend... It was a real dog love story, without complications ... just how the owners wish to happen. And finally the ulta day came and we have received happy news: Blue's second litter is on the way ...

Good luck to Riva…

::: Website of ex Horto Albo kennel: Riva & Blue

::: Litter is already listed under Blue's pups: Blue's 2nd litter


I like Italy a lot, unforgettable skiing, excellent cappuccino and of course the best shopping. But this time it was even better than that, I went to visit Blue's puppies. The whole property Delizia D'Desste is very well taken care of and a great place for dogs and animals. They have all sorts of polygons, pools and a big swimming pond for dogs.Just:stay and look; uauuu! And there they were, 8 small puppies 6 of them are blondes, 1 is black and 1 is black-brown. All of them are very vivacious and rollicking. A few of them tried to climb on my lap while I was sitting down while others were playing with my shoelaces. We cuddled and played for the whole afternoon. They were so energic that it was hard to take some good photos. And then all of a sudden, they all fell asleep until the next round of food from mommy. It was really great seeing them because all of them look so cute and full of love, but who would doubt that. In the evening Me, Vesna and Blue took a short walk around the beautiful Ferrara and tried some excellent Italian specialties. It was a really great finish of this beautiful trip and all I can say is: "Bella Italia, I'll be back", And thank you, Roberta, for everything.

::: GALLERY OF THE LITTER - Our visit in Ferarra - CLICK HERE


We have received a diploma which confirmes that Blue is now officially also International Beauty Champion (C.I.E.).


6.10.2018 | THYROID TEST

We have added one more tets on the list of Blue's health test. This time we made a thyroid test and the results could not be better! We are very happy.


29.8.2018 | PUPPIES ARE BORN

Well, they are here. Puppies of my Blue and Sun (Blue Pinus Alpinia x H-Invisible Sun del Mare d'Inverno). So called Galactica Litter della Delizia d'Este. They were born on Monday, August 27, 2018. We have 8 puppies - 3 blond females and 1 black female, 3 blond males and 1 black&tan male. I'm very happy that we have all 3 possible colors. We wish all the best for them - to be healthy and to get the best possible owners. And I can not wait to see them, because they are also a little bit mine.



It was Slovenian national holiday and the bride from Italy visited our Blue. A beautiful blond hovawart girl H-Invisible Sun del Mare d’Inverno, gentle, kind and playful. We could say it was love at first dog-sight. Roberta told us the good news today - Sun is expecting puppies at the end of August.



Blue obtained the title Show Champion of Slovenia and so we needed a photo of him with the beautiful rosette. Lately we have very hot and sunny weather and it is not an easy task to pose in spiking high temperatures. Because of that me and Tea chose a location for photoshooting near water so Blue could refresh after posing on sun. The Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora offeres amazing view over the Alps. So first we made posing with rosette photos and then we decided to do some action photos in the river nearby. While I was throwing ball and sticks to Blue - because bringing it back to the owner from water is his favorite thing to do - and my feets were freezing, Tea made some amazing photos of Blue. PS: By the lake is a wonderful place where you can order a nice portion of excelent royal roast(even without rosins):P

You can see the photos in the --> GALLERY <--



CACIB BLED exhibition; what can I say... The organizer decided to move the exhibition from Bled to Komenda, which is a 45 minutes of car drive away from Bled and the name CACIB Bled is not really suitable for this show anymore. The show rings were placed on newly asphalted surface, and it was not pleasant to wait and stand there on a hot day at noon. Not for us, even less for dogs. But OK, we know for the next time. My Blue again proved that he can present himself very nicely, we was graded with an excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB. With this fourth CACIB Blue fulfilled the conditions to obtain the International Show Champion title.



We attended national exhibition CAC Hrušica where Blue received excellent 1, CAC and BOS. With this CAC candidature he fulfilled the conditions to obtain the Show Champion of Slovenia title. To obtain this title dog needs to win five CAC candidatures - one has to be from special or club show and at least two from international show.



Special exhibition for hovawarts, organized by Hovawart club Slovenia, took place in Barje with a beautiful sunny weather. Blue was registered in open class with 5 other males of all 3 colors. The judge made a wonderful compliment that Blue is a really nice representative of the breed. Blue was placed on first place in open class (1/6), became best male and at the end he became also Best of breed! What else could I wish for. It was his day. And my most beautiful representative of the breed got one big pack of pig ears and other dried goodies ... mmmmm.


12.11.2017 | WORLD DOG SHOW LEIPZIG 2017

We attended the World Exposition in Leipzig. Mr. Michael Kunze, specialist for the Hovawart breed, was the judge of the exhibition. The judge had a demanding job, as he had to judge 102 hovawarts. And it should be noted that the judging at such exhibition is carried out according to more strict criteria, on a higher level, which was also stated before the beginning of the judging. Blue was registered in the open class and received an excellent note with a wonderful description. Great job my boy!



In May 2014, our family, after losing our female, started to think that we would still like to have a dog. Our wish was to have a bigger, active dog, without major health problems. We were not consistent; husband and elder son wanted to have a male, me and my younger son a female. We found a hovawart kennel where puppies were expected and the future mom inspired us. But when we met the male (father of the litter), we were absolutely certain - that's it, we want a puppy from exactly this litter, and it doesn't matter if it is a female or male. It is good that sometimes we do not decide about all things ourselves, but the Mother Nature. And so, in September 2014, the most beautiful hovawart in the world, Blue Pinus Alpinia, came to our family.

Life with him is varied and fun, he is a lively and active dog. He loves walks, ball games, action. He likes water; in all aggregate states. In the spring and summer he enjoys in the nearby river and in the lake; Blue is a real specialist for jumping into the water. In winter, there is nothing better than a thorough rolling in the snow and catching snowballs.

We have attended several courses with him, but sometimes he reminds us that we have to be consistent with our rules and limits. By anatomy, he is real male, "macho", of a strong type but beneath that macho look is hidden a very gentle and friendly character. He is a real hovawart - he guards our house, garden and yard and makes sure that we are informed when someone is getting closer or visiting.

Together we go to the mountains, to the seaside, we visit the exhibitions and do many other fun stuff. He is our family member. He lives with us in the house and is always somewhere nearby. My Blue has one special button: off and on. He can be resting and chilling in his bed, calmly looking around, but when I take out the "right shoes" out of the closet ... ..jupiiii, action !!!

And our wish? That he stays with us as long as possible, just the way he is - loving, funny, fluffy…


  • PEDIGREE NAME: Blue Pinus Alpinia

  • PARENTS: Ch. Roy vom Wiener Stadtrand (HD A) × Brinja von der Waldlichtung (HD A)

  • BORN ON: 7. 7. 2014


  • HEIGHT: 69 cm

  • WEIGHT: 42 kg

  • WRIST SIZE: 16 cm

  • Teeth: All in, no missing tooth

  • Working-dog: de.working-dog.eu/dogs-details/2730903/Blue-Pinus-Alpinia


  • .

  • BREEDER: Vesna Zaplotnik, kennel Pinus Alpinia (SLO)

  • SIBLINGS: 3 males - Banfi (HD A), Bassi (HD A), Blue (HD A) and 1 female - Bijou (HD A); all black and tan

  • Photos of sibling and parents are in the gallery


  • Stud male of Hovawart club Slovenia (FCI)

  • Breeding licence: Valid, 1st breeding class, Domžale, 19.3.2016, judge: Bojana Razpotnik

  • NZB: Passed in Klagenfurt, 25.10.2015, judge: Michael Kunze

  • JB: Passed in Amstetten, 23.4.2016, judge: Ulrike Tragbar


  • HIPS AND ELBOWS: HD A/A and ED 0/0; no sign of dysplasia.

  • OPHTHALMIC EXAMINATION: free of genetic diseases

  • DM: N/N

  • Thyroid: Healty (9/2018)

  • Locus D: D/D

  • DNA profile: Done (ISAG)

  • Other health tests upon request


  • Titles: International Show Champion C.I.E, Show Champion of Slovenia, Alpensieger 2016, BOB winner at Special show for Hovawarts (M.Kunze).

  • Judge report 1: Special show for HW, BOB - judge: Michael Kunze

  • judge report 2: CACIB Celje, BOB - judge: Bojana Razpotnik

  • All shows can be found in the "shows" section in a menu.


  • Exams: BBH, Nosework 1








Club Show HWKS SLO



Alenka Černe

Excellent 2, R.CAC





Željka Fon Zidar

Excellent 1, CAC SLO, CACIB, BOB


CAC Hrušica



Željka Fon Zidar

Excellent 1, CAC SLO, BOS


Special show for hovawarts - Barje



Michael Kunze

Excellent 1, CAC SLO, BOB


WDS Leipzig



Michael Kunze



Special show for hovawarts - Lipica



Sabine Kerschner

Excellent 2, r.CAC SLO





Jan Gajewski

Excellent 1, CAC SLO


IHA Klagenfurt



Hans Bierwolf

Excellent 2, r.CACA


Special show for hovawarts - Maribor



Štefan Šinko



CACIB Rijeka



Maria T. G. Mondo

Excellent 1, CAC HR, CACIB, BOB





Bojana Razpotnik

Excellent 1, CAC SLO, CACIB, BOB


CACIB Zagreb



Hinose Jorgen

Excellent 2, r.CAC HR


CACIB Zagreb



Igor Mioč

Excellent 2, r.CAC HR


Special show for hovawarts - Lipica



Melita Grošelj

Excellent 2, r.CAC SLO


KS Öst. Klub der Hovawartfreunde



Sigrid D. Entenmann

Excellent 2/20, r.CACA


IHA Klagenfurt



Elizabeth Kapsch

Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOB





Horst Kliebenstein

Excellent 1, CAC SLO, CACIB, BOS


Special show for hovawarts - Barje



Monika Blaha

Very good 2


CAC Hrušica



Jadranka Selimović

Excellent 1, PRM, BOB


Specialna razstava za HW - Ljubljana



Tapio Eerola

Very promising 1



Blue is stud male in Hovawart Club Slovenia available to all the female with a proper breeding license and necessary documentation.


1. LITTER Galactica della Delizia d`Este 27.8.2018

Blue Pinus Alpinia & H-Invisible Sun del Mare d'Inverno

  • 8 puppies: 3 blond in 1 blacktan male and 4 females 3 blond and 1 black)

  • Italija, psarna Delizia d'Este (www.deliziadeste.it) ; +39 380 657 7711 – info@deliziadeste.it

  • .

  • Males:

  • Galactica - Cabott; blond male

  • Galactica - Flyboy; black and tan male

  • Galactica - Hoshi; blond male

  • Galactica - Zarek; blond male

  • Females:

  • Galactica - Kara; black female

  • Galactica - Louanne; blond female

  • Galactica - Tory; blond female

  • Galactica - Shevon; blond female

Attila and Aton live in Slovenia. I follow both, and we hang out with Aton many times.

Sandra about Atila: "Attila was named in memory of our Charlie, who with his big paws rubbed everything around him. At the time, we told him in a joke that he was Attila. Our Atko, Tilen is a native creature that has brought a lot of joy to our lives. He is always very pleased, goodwill in the morning, goodwill in the evening. He prefers to sit on the couch and watch television with us. He is the perfect family puppy. Faithful, attentive and obedient. He loves children, is patient and never knows. He is distrustful of strangers, everyone is a little suspicious of him, so he likes to be careful - he warns himself with lies. He loves walking and swimming. This is the dog who is most fortunate when he looks you straight in the face to make another circle around the house."


::: Gallery of the litter and our visit to Ferrara Click here



2. LITTER - Ex Horto Albo 30.11.2018

Blue Pinus Alpinia & Enormous Ocean Breeze

  • 12 puppies, 6 males (1 blacktan and 6 black) and 6 females (3 black in 3 blacktans)

  • Slovenija, psarna ex Horto Albo, (www.hovawart-exhortoalbo.com) ; + 386 41 259 578; tea.pavisic@gmail.com

  • .

  • Males::

  • Rufus ex Horto Albo; black male

  • Rubik ex Horto Albo; black male

  • Rocco ex Horto Albo; black male

  • Rhodos ex Horto Albo; black male

  • Roy ex Horto Albo; black and tan male

  • Females:

  • Rubia ex Horto Albo; black female

  • Rosinante ex Horto Albo; black female

  • Reiwa ex Horto Albo; black female

  • Rubin ex Horto Albo; black and tan female

  • Raya ex Horto Albo; black and tan female

  • Rea ex Horto Albo; black and tan female

This litter is international, dogs are living all over Europe and Rubik even in Canada. Although I do not see all of them live, the owners regularly send us photos and inform us of their friends. Quite a few puppies are likely to continue breeding, both Reiwa in the Czech Republic and Raya in Slovenia. Maybe we should be surprised. Some of them have already turned up at the exhibitions, and all the dogs which living in Slovenia have come to PMP and have received very nice descriptions. We live quite close, so we are also in contact with some of them several times.

Info and photos about puppies: www.hovawart-exhortoalbo.com/leglo_r.html



3. LITTER P- De Kerdianou 23.1.2019

Blue Pinus Alpinia & Hiskea vom Schwedenstein

  • 5 puppies, 1 male in 4 females, all blacktans

  • Francija, psarna De Kerdianou, (website - klik)

  • .

  • Males:

  • Perceval De Kerdianou; black and tan male

  • Females:

  • Palma De Kerdianou; black and tan female

  • Padawan De Kerdianou; black and tan female

  • Phoebe De Kerdianou; black and tan female

  • Prune De Kerdianou; black and tan female

The owners from Galicia came to far from France and we were especially pleased that the matting was successful. A boutique litter, BlueBischou named it Magali. In family has also other hovawart and beautiful horses, Palma- black-tan girl will become their new breeding dog. We hope so, of course. The other dogs also came to fantastic families. Phebe is going to school for water rescue and lives with a large animal community. Percy has already visited a few exhibitions and was rated very promising. I'm glad the owners are sending me photos and notifications



4. LITTER My Ardeen 7.2.2019

Blue Pinus Alpinia & Luna Aldeon

  • 7 puppies, 3 males and 4 females, all blacktans.

  • Slovaška, psarna My Ardeen, (spletna stran - klik)

  • Males:

  • Aaron(Buddy); black and tan male

  • Abeon (Beo), ; black and tan male

  • Akim ; black and tan male

  • Females:

  • Aimee; black and tan female

  • Aya; black and tan female

  • Amelia; black and tan female

  • Ayreen; black and tan female

  • .

Aimee lives in the Czech Republic, together with the older hovawart and has already visited the exhibition and was rated as very promising. Aya, with her young owner Veronica, is already successful in cynology, and others owners are also planning to attend the exhibitions. Lubka also regularly informs me of the offspring and sends me photos.




5. LITTER A- Ameya 23.2.2019

Blue Pinus Alpinia & Enormous Make a wish

  • 8 puppies, 3 males (1 blactan in 2 blondes) and 5 females (all blacktans)

  • Croatia, psarna Ameya ( website-click)

  • Males:

  • Audax Arni (Aron) ; black and tan male

  • Adorable Ben (Ben) ; black and tan male

  • Admiral Fred(Fred) ; blond male

  • Females:

  • Amazing Aria (Ria),; black and tan female

  • Awesome Abby(Kala); black and tan female

  • Adventurous Ava (Ava); black and tan female

  • Alma Lu (Alma); black and tan female

  • Astarte Ema (Ema); black and tan female

  • .

Aaron, Fred, Ava and Kala live in Slovenia. I have met almost every dogs, visited some, and some of us met at a PMP , where they came in October. Let me say, that they were all very nicely rated,and we are very proud . Ria stayed as a breeding dog with Daniela and Dubravko, on a beautiful ranch with other animals. She attends exhibitions where she is very successful. Alma has traveled to the UK and has also appeared in several shows. Aron also got a great description and a very promising rating at a special exhibition in Slovenia. I regularly follow everything through photos and social networks.




6. LITTER D-Tralfazz 15.5.2019

Blue Pinus Alpinia & Belaya Shae Tralfazz

  • 6 puppies, 3 males (2 blacktans and 1 blond) and 3 females (2 blond and 1 blacktan)

  • Slovakia, psarna Tralfazz

  • Males:

  • Damien ; black and tan male

  • Darwin ; black and tan male

  • Dante ; blond male

  • Females:

  • Deeline(Ela) ; blond female

  • Demi Blue; blond female

  • Daria; black and tan female

  • .

Unfortunately, Darwin left us, but the other dogs are very pleased Monika. Damien stayed at home with her parents and Dante in the Netherlands with her uncle. Everyone in the family already has hovawarts. Damien is already winning big titles at shows and is a true charmer. Deeline lives with another hovawart and kitten. Monika regularly supplies us with photos and notifications of our beautiful litter.





I will be happy to answer on all your questions or send more info about Blue.

Contact information

  • Owner: Alenka Ravnik

  • Home location: Bohinjska Bela, Slovenia

  • .

  • E-mail: alenka.ravnik1@gmail.com

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  • Facebook: Alenka Ravnik